03ER2018 - INNOVATIVE LE@RNING SCENARIOS - an approach to effective communication to suit the context and purpose of learning skills in the 21st century

Starting on May 07, 2018
At Lisboa
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INNOVATIVE LE@RNING SCENARIOS - an approach to effective communication to suit the context and purpose of learning skills in the 21st century

In a world where everything is quickly changing, the big challenge is to find new strategies for engaging students. The shift between availability of knowledge and engagement for students requires educators to rethink teaching. Just as nature is an inspiration in all sorts of visual and performing arts, environmental awareness and protection of nature can kindle new ideas and projects. Globalization has accelerated the exchange of ideas and perspectives, thereby increasing the overall knowledge base. Current technology applications can be used in education and provide increased opportunities for extending content and perspectives to transform knowledge into innovative shared ideas. Technology, if used correctly, should make it possible to convert knowledge acquisition into a much more motivating and fostering educational programmes.

Skills for the 21st century skills are a priority when planning education programmes and, for that reason, it is important to explore collaborations, communications, critical thinking, innovations and problem solving. Therefore innovative learning environments are required to a tailored approach to education to suit the context and purpose of the learning skills in the 21st century.

Every teacher knows that emotion has a huge impact on the overall learning experience, but understanding the varying emotional needs of pupils can prove difficult. Technology can be used to help teachers consider the emotional impact of their learning activities.
This course is intended to equip all participants with key strategies to an effectively and inspiring communication in new learning scenarios. With the acquired knowledge, the participants can use them as a work tool to apply in the area of environmental education and also in the area of education in general. The course also addresses issues such as education and environmental awareness and the behaviours that each should adopt to protect biodiversity

Training Institution: Lisbon ZOO is certified as an innovative educational environment by Microsoft Education and Promethean Classflow and has unique teaching resources that its zoological and botanical collection can provide to those who are actively interested in nature conservation and biodiversity, allowing innovative learning scenarios and outdoor activities to be carried out.

Accommodation in Lisbon - Special conditions for participants

Day 1: Welcome (7h)
• Presentation of the course and participants
• Zoological background - environmental perspectives
• Brainstorming and team building
• Welcome dinner

Day 2: Education Technology (4h)

• Potentiating technology in the classroom and outdoor environments;

Day 3: Communication Skills (4h)

• Key strategies to inspiring communication

Day 4: Digital Educational resources (7h)

• Current technology apps in education;

Day 5: Cultural activities (7h)

Course Organizer – Lisbon ZOO

Location – Lisbon, Portugal

Language – EN

Course organiser
CFAE Centro-Oeste
Lisboa, Portugal
Communication skills; Informatics, coding, digital learning, media literacy; Science, maths, geography, environment (STEM); Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
Key competences
Digital; Maths, science and technology
Target audience
School management; Teachers & school staff: pre-school level; Teachers & school staff: primary level; Teachers & school staff: secondary level
350 Euro
Included in price
Number of participants
Certification on completion


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